Pigment & Process: Organic Hand-Dyeing


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Fruit flesh, stones, skins. Turmeric, paprika, sumac, saffron. Petals, pollen, twigs, and roots.

Learn how to create natural, organic dyes from items collected from your pantry, backyard, and local park. Led by emerging textile artist Ciara Lynch, this digital workshop will teach you how to use everyday items to colour your own material at home. Tune in to discover how pantry staples can completely transform a garment, and experiment with flowers and plants from your garden in this age old natural dyeing process.

Ciara’s practice utilises Ancient Irish dyeing techniques and slow textile processes to investigate superstition, family history, and memory. We invite you to engage with the context and ritual behind Ciara’s practice whilst learning a new (or rather, very old) skill.

Be ready for happy accidents and unpredictable results. Embrace experimentation!

This event has been developed as part of the M_Curators, an MPavilion program engaging young makers, doers and programmers. This initiative is made possible by our presenting partner Bloomberg Philanthropies.

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