Wominjeka (Welcome). We acknowledge the Yaluk-ut Weelam as the traditional custodians of the land on which we meet. Yaluk-ut Weelam means ‘people of the river camp’ and is connected with the coastal land at the head of Port Phillip Bay, extending from the Werribee River to Mordialloc. The Yaluk-ut Weelam are part of the Boon Wurrung, one of the five major language groups of the greater Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the land, their ancestors and their elders—past, present and to the future.

past mPavilions

During the 2020 season, MPavilion responded to the needs of the time by hosting events at multiple locations.
Our 2020 season is now closed, but you can still visit these locations while we gear up for the launch of our next season, in November 2021.
Please note that some locations have set opening hours, so be sure to check them before your visit.


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Our Podcast Library is regularly updated with archive recordings from talks and readings from the first MPavilion season in 2014 to the present day.

It’s a place brimful of recordings so that you can visit—or revisit—a selection of our cultural events from over the years and listen in-season to the latest from MPavilion 2020.

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  • 🏝️ Greetings from inspiration island!  We're looking for collaborators to host talks, workshops, performances, installations and interventions during the MPavilion 2021 season, in response to one of our five themes inspired by MAP studio's MPavilion design.  So, let's get the ideas flowing, starting with November's theme 'Island Life'.  〰️ 
Leaping from MAP studio's home-island of Venice to MPavilion's home-island of Australia, 'Island Life' has all kinds of islands in mind—the 8,222 islands surrounding mainland Australia, intentional communities, urban communes, segregated groups, artificial islands and all the places and spaces that exist in literal or figurative separateness from others.  As seas rise, populations move, algorithms trap us in filter bubbles, and ideas rove and range, we ask the questions: What does an island mean? How does an island mentality affect approaches to design and collectivity? How do we experience metaphorical islands? And how do any of the answers shape our thinking around being 'inside', 'outside' or 'around' an island?
〰️  💡 If you have a great idea, submit your proposal by Sunday 15 August (🔗 link in bio)
  • 🪑 Last chance to submit your design for the MPavilion 2021 chair!  MAP studio's MPavilion launches in the Queen Victoria Gardens in November, and our beautiful new home is going to need new seats.  The selected designer will have their work showcased to our extensive audience, entered into design awards throughout the MPavilion 2021 season and have an exclusive creative development meeting with MAP studio.  ✨ For inspiration, take a look at MAP studio's MPavilion design on our website.  Some of the other design considerations include:
🎤 Designed for use at talks, concerts, workshops and general gatherings 
👩‍👧 Suitable for adults and children
🌧️ Weatherproof (from rain and heat!)
〰️ Stackable and lightweight  Submissions are due by 5pm, Friday 6 August.  Link in bio to find out more and apply now!
  • 💬 "The structure we imagine is a shimmering device that qualifies itself as an urban lighthouse that hosts and enlightens the cultural activities planned for the 2021 summer season in Melbourne" Traudy Pelzel, Architect MAP studio.  Thank you @wa_selected for featuring the MPavilion 2021 design by MAP studio (Venice) in the headlines today.  ✨ We can't wait to see MAP studio's design (and all of you) IRL in the gardens this summer!  📰 Link in bio to read the full story.  📷 Image courtesy of @mapstudio__magnani_pelzel
  • ⚡ Expressions of interest are now open ⚡  The MPavilion 2021 season of free events will be uplifting and wide-ranging—and we want you to be involved!  From lockdown epiphanies to longstanding ideas, if you have a talk, workshop, performance or installation in mind, we want to hear from you.  👀 Take a look at the monthly themes for the season.
📝 Come up with a proposal that you think fits one of these themes. 
⭐ Submit your expression of interest to us by Sunday 15 August 2021.  Bursting with ideas? Apply now via the link in our bio!  #MPavilion2021 #MPavilion #Melbourne #MelbourneEvents #MelbourneCreatives #Architecture #Design #Music #Talks