Virtual Curls


34 Little Collins Street

Level 7
(access via lifts on Mcilwraith Place)

Wheelchair accessible

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Hear Sabina McKenna in conversation with Kimberley Cowans (Skimdo), and Chrissy Zemura (curly hair stylist and advocate); who launched this petition to include Afro and Textured Hair Education in Tafe.

Delve deep into the endeavours of these hair pioneers, as Virtual Curls looks at the evolution of textured hair awareness – particularly in Australia, where the curly-headed are under-serviced.

Join us to discuss the online Natural Hair movement and its impact on the industry in real life.

Discover what led these individuals to creating their own version of the hair solution.

Curated by artist, writer and founder of the Where are you from? Project, Sabina McKenna.

Panelists join us both in person and via Zoom.