Iso Intimates


34 Little Collins Street

Level 7
(access via lifts on Mcilwraith Place)

Wheelchair accessible

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In isolation, 40-year-old Kate became as lascivious as what we once only reserved for 15-year-old boys. Where she had previously been at work tending to the mechanics of the daily grind, light previously unobserved in the middle of the day awakened her to the erotic nature of her home space. As a single in isolation this could have proven significantly frustrating however Kate instead discovered someone who was worthy of being wooed… herself.

In a world that prefaces the number 2 when it comes to romantic relationships, when an Australian government accommodates those who are having sex (‘intimate partners’) in their Covid restrictions; and when touch is removed at a time when we are most vulnerable, how was intimacy challenged and magnified in the age of isolation? How was it embodied? How was it left behind?

ISO INTIMATES invites diverse perspectives around notions of intimacy and romantic partnerships. It encourages a conversation through shared stories around togetherness, connection as well as a more freely chosen alone time of reflection and personal growth.

ISO INTIMATES invites a laugh around stories of App dating in iso or that strip tease moment with face masks (if you’d never actually seen the person/people you were dating); about an enforced, somewhat old-fashioned approach because you had more time to get to know others… or around learning to love yourself and your friends up good and realising you were anything but ‘single’.