Surroundings – 1+1: Who Are We Together?


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With so many barriers in our path, how can we meaningfully and fully connect with others?

This month we consider the evolution of communication, empathy, and our capacity for understanding beyond words.

The conversation also covers our expanding dialogue with AI.

Surroundings offers a fresh look at our relationship with space, the environment and each other. When we are in harmony with our surroundings we can be at peace with ourselves. Hosted by Triple R’s Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler, Surroundings is a series of monthly talks with individuals whose work and imaginations provide a new blueprint for cities and communities. Guests will describe the new frontiers of environmental design, surveillance and the possibilities of collaboration with artificial intelligence. These talks explore why now more than ever it’s critical not to take our surroundings for granted.

*This event was originally scheduled to take place in person at our MPavilion Parkade. Due to recent government announcements, it is now brought to you as part of our online program.