Regathering Resilience


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After a trying 2020 where we have faced COVID-19, bushfires and economic upheaval, it was time to come together and discuss the ways that we got through it and built our resiliency. For some, it was through creative practice (art and baking), for others it was re-engaging with nature. ‘Regathering Resilience’ reflected on the skills we gained but also looks at the ways we can learn new ones as a community.

This program is presented in partnership with RACV and MPavilion as part of the AMPLIFY program. Since 2019, MPavilion and RACV have shared a partnership of strong common values around community, advocacy, creativity and collaboration. In 2020, that partnership is responding to the challenges of a year beset by bushfire and a global pandemic with AMPLIFY—an uplifting and energetic cultural program that moves beyond the city to communities in regional Victoria. Bounding into some of the biggest environmental, social and infrastructural questions facing people in Australia today, AMPLIFY will be a lightning rod of discussions and insights, inviting people of all ages—in physical and digital attendance—to take an active part in the discovery and development of new ideas, new attitudes, and new, life-changing ways forward.