Food, fashion & farming: What can fashion learn from the food & farming industry?


34 Little Collins Street

Level 7
(access via lifts on Mcilwraith Place)

Wheelchair accessible

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Food, farming and fashion. Let’s talk about where things come from and why they shouldn’t cost the earth.

This panel talk brings together experts across food, farming and fashion to discuss what these industries can learn from each other in order to reimagine a future where regenerative practices are commonplace and their waste streams are reimagined.

How increased transparency, storytelling and awareness around the connection of food and farming have shifted consumers’ mindsets and the demand for locally made produce; yet this cannot be said with fashion & textiles. The fashion and farming connection remains murky and the true cost of production and environmental impact not fully understood.

What can the fashion & textile industry learn from the food industry? Could transparency, storytelling and consumer education improve awareness of the impact fashion & textiles has on the environment and help us reimagine a future where production and waste don’t cost the earth.

This event is presented in collaboration with the National Sustainable Living Festival.