Let the citizens shape the city: from ‘bounce-back’ to a ‘new normal’


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Are we at risk of wasting a good crisis?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been calls for a ‘new normal’ to be established—one where government investment and policy is redirected to support urban initiatives that make our cities greener, more equitable and inclusive.

But how can this happen when corporations and governments are chasing a quick stimulus? What avenues exist to elevate community voices so they can drive an agenda for change?

You’re invited to hear key leaders from state government, the NFP sector and ethical businesses as they discuss concrete ways citizens can be involved in the often-opaque world of political decision making—particularly in planning and development. This discussion will explore the value of citizen juries, participatory planning processes, participatory budgeting, new governance frameworks and even the simple act of writing to your MP.