‘First Look’ RMIT Master of Fashion (Design) Graduate Showcase


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RMIT Master of Fashion (Design) graduates premiere their work through the film ‘First Look’. Get ready for a preview that takes place between the spaces of a fashion show, presenting new scenarios for fashion practice and the ingenuity of students continuing to create during a time of uncertainty and changing industry contexts and horizons.

Since 2015 students have responded to the MPavilion architecture and site, this year, discover these emerging fashion design practices online as we celebrate creatively diverse, critical, and thoughtful Master’s graduates posing new propositions for fashion practice.

RMIT Master of Fashion (Design) showcasing 2020 graduates include Chaoying Han, Chloe Dong, Clare He, Genie Sun, Mark Blake, Miki Huang, Norah Yin, Peter Sanders, Pieyue Qin, Rosanna Li, Tiantian Zhang, Vincent Huang and Wei Pi.

This six minute preview of ‘First Look’ will air Monday 30 November. There will be a full 20 minute edit to be available for view on the MPavilion website on Thursday 10 December.