Adapting the city, what next?


34 Little Collins Street

Level 7
(access via lifts on Mcilwraith Place)

Wheelchair accessible

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What are the possibilities for growth, renewal and change for our cities as we emerge from the pandemic?

MPavilion, Dexus and the City of Melbourne invite you to attend ‘Adapting the city, what next?’—a meeting of representatives from diverse city constituencies who will explore the critical challenges and opportunities that face Melbourne in 2021 and beyond.

A vacant city can be daunting, but it also presents opportunities for growth, renewal and change. It shifts the focus on liveability. What do we need from our city and its urban infrastructure to embrace the new normal of post-pandemic? How can our built environment be best utilised to confront the challenges and bring back its citizenry? Hosted by Andrew Mackenzie, Director of URO publications and CityLab, this conversation considers the potential of new spaces and the changes we can make to our buildings, streets and infrastructure to reignite the vibrancy of our city and find new ways to consider our relationships with people, space, health and well-being.