Hope St Radio

In a world of hashtags and algorithms radio as a voice is more important than ever.

Hope St Radio promotes active listening in a culture which thrives on passivity.

Stories in sound – devotion to an art form that evaporates.

After 26 months of operation Hope St Radio has hosted over 170 presenters. An eclectic community of the finest local and international talent. Hope St Radio provides a platform of absolute freedom, allowing DJs, musicians and selectors a place to express themselves honestly and openly.

Notable guest presenters include Amp Fiddler (US, Funkadelic), Acid Mothers Temple (JAP), Anna Domino (US), Nubya Garcia (UK), Severed Heads, Chris Cohen (US), Banoffee, David Chesworth, Kllo, HTRK, Mikey Young, Oscar Key Sung, Harvey Sutherland, Sui Zhen, Andras + many more.

In 2018 Hope St Radio was nominated for Best New Online Radio station, and Best Online Radio Station in Asia/Pacific, in the Mixcloud Global Radio Awards. Over 6 million minutes have been listened to in over 40 different countries.